Email recipients expect more and more relevant content. Following this trend can lead to greater engagement and revenue. But this means you have to do some work to reach the full potential of your email program.

01. Focus on user engagement

You need to avoid ending up in the spam folder. Even if you have an amazing marketing campaign, if you no one will see it. How spam is filtered has changed a lot from just keywords in titles. Reputation monitoring is more the norm. If users opened and interacted with your emails in a positive way, they were presumed to be good email. The flip side of this, however, is that even legitimate brands with mail that customers signed up for could wind up in their spam folder from time to time if they haven’t consistently read it over time.

02. Transactional email is often an untapped revenue source

Transactional email is a common part of businesses. People appreciate account alerts, password resets, receipts. Though most companies are not taking advantage of these emails as a touch point. Though these emails you can impress or convert your recipient. Yet their message is often generated outside the marketing department.  This is a failed opportunity. Getting involved with these email streams, adding content, conversion opportunities, and more can inject an additional revenue source that is most likely untapped.

03. Security and brand protection are essential

It is obvious that if your brand has been associated with a scam, like phishing, they are less likely to purchase from you in the future. You don’t want to say goodbye to half your customers because your brand is not secure. There are now ways that help monitor and protect your brand, DMARC being on of the most prevalent. They are nearly full proof ways to detect if people are sending phishing emails that mimic your brand. The quicker you get that information the quicker you can stop the damage.

04. Email is different than all other direct marketing channels

Here’s an experiment for you: Imagine if the US Postal Service determined whether to throw away a piece of mail before delivering it; or if Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube hid your latest post to “protect” its users. Sounds crazy, right? Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening in the email industry. The reason: There is more than 4 times the volume of spam to desirable mail. To keep your mail streams reaching your recipients you have to practice the Golden Rule: Treat every recipient the way you would like to be treated.

05. Real-time information is providing a basis for focused, unique email

With technology and social channels merging, current, relevant information is the new norm.  As a result you need to have an email marketing solution that segments your contact list so that each receipt receives the most focused segments as possible.

Email users are savvier than ever and demand the same from their brands. If you’re up to the challenge you can begin a wonderful relationship with an active and loyal customer.


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Partial content adapted from the DM News article, “The 5 Hottest Trends in Email Marketing“ by Mike Veilleux