Online catalogs can provide major benefits over their printed counterparts. While traditional books are beloved for their simplicity and physical attributes, catalogs are a different ball game.

Catalogs have more factors (i.e. The details and design that move past simple black-and-white type of a conventional book). Catalogs need to engage their readers in order to make them want pick up the catalog and ultimately order what is inside. Catalogs can run the rick of looking identical, time after time, which can lead to a disengaged audience who might then may only scan or toss the catalog aside.

IDenticard Government Focused Online Catalog

Most brands have or are in the process of transitioning to the internet to promote e-commerce (through social networks, their website,  apps, etc.). While there is still room to send out physical catalogs, it would definitely be foolish to ignore the number of online shoppers and the how e-commerce plays an ever growing roll in sales, marketing, and business today.

Digital Canvas can help companies take their printed material and enhance it with features and functions to better serve both the company and its customers. Branching out and putting a catalog online can be one of the best moves a company can make because it opens up a world of possibilities, unbound by the limitations of print. If your still not sure, we’ll go through some of the reasons why you and your company should be considering the use of online catalogs.

Online catalogs can make your products/services available to a much wider client base without increasing printing and distribution costs. You can localize online catalogs with language and images specifically for different geographical markets and make them available to dealers and clients online from anywhere with Internet access. For example take the catalog shown above, in addition to Identicard’s standard catalog they needed a version to cater to their government clients. We felt an online catalog was a great choice to use in order to adapt the current catalog’s content to reflect that specific customer base.

An online catalog can also afford you with flexibly. You are easily able to correct mistakes, add/remove products, update features, or change graphics all without reprinting and distributing a new catalog. Your catalog can always be up to date.

You can link to specific products or pages in your online public relations efforts, such as press releases, articles in online trade publications, and customer emails, to support your industry reputation and drive sales at the same time.

Promovision Online Catalog

Your online catalog can also help reach new customers by improving your site’s performance in the search engines. When a catalog is added to your website the search engine spiders will detect increased relevant content and give your site more importance in related searches online. Given the dynamics of today’s marketing landscape, a significant online presence can improve your company’s reputation as an industry leader very quickly. In addition to this, you can gain access to detailed sales analysis and reporting allowing you to continually test and improve your online catalog.

Integration of your online catalog with your order database can offer an additional sales channel. Your online catalog can become a search engine friendly shopping cart system where clients can browse products and place orders day or night, with no effort required from your sales force.

Identification Solutions Catalog

Having an online catalog can open up many new possibilities. It can help expanding your audience and sales. Along with engaging your audience in an innovative and unlimited way while standing out from the crowd.

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