Whether you need business cards for a new start-up or just want a refreshed look for your current business, there are several things to keep in mind…

Consider your audience. Depending on the type of business you have, your customers might respond to a conservative design over an edgy one and vice versa. We have all seen the flashy, over-the-top business card designs that look great in theory, but going with a design like this might not be the best way to portray your brand. Business cards should match other branding and marketing materials used by your company. The cards should provide you with an opportunity to reinforce brand recognition and reach potential customers with a design that is eye-acting and memorable.

QR codes allow quick access to your website from a smart phone

Be thoughtful about the content you want to include. Too many words can cause the card to look busy which probably means it will get thrown away. A web address with WAY TOO MANY characters to type in is a waste. You may be better served to include a QR code to allow quick access to your website from a smart phone.

Business cards are meant to be used as a tool to point customers to your web site, or provide them with your contact information. Keep it simple, you want your card to be remembered for being informative rather than overwhelming. Include your company name and logo, possibly a tagline or short sentence stating the services you provide, then your name and any necessary contact info. Two-sided business cards provide more space and usually have a higher end look. Go with a two-sided design if your budget allows for it.

Think about how many different cards will you need? Is your business best suited with one general card which contains contact info for the entire company rather than printing one different card for each employee? Or do you need separate cards for each person? When printing different cards for each employee, keep in mind that you will save on printing costs if one side of each card is the same the other side is customized with employee name and contact info. If on a tight budget, sometimes a company wide business card can do the trick and will be most affordable.

Selecting nice card stock and incorporating a special printing process is an excellent way to make your card stand out. Consider a foil stamp or embossing part of your card. Also, depending on your budget and audience, a die cut or going with an uncommon shape can make your card something memorable and it will be less likely to be thrown away.


Selecting nice card stock and incorporating a special printing process is an excellent way to make your card stand out

At Digital Canvas, we have taken into account all of the design considerations and created our own business card to best represent our brand and capabilities. From the photo above, notice the following attributes:

• Design-Focused to showcase our capabilities
• Spot UV Letters listing our capabilities
• Double-sided
• 2-layered thick card stock
• Rounded Corners
• Foil Stamp
• Circle die-cut to accentuate logo
• Separate cards for different employees

View our portfolio for more examples of business cards along with other design examples for both print and web.


Here at Digital Canvas, we specialize in knowing what attributes you should include on your card based on your business practice. Give us a call 330-877-3075 today or email us info@digitalcanvasllc.com and we’ll help design the best business card for your brand.