Let your product do the talking.

Good Photography sells your product- it is the key to high sales. Showcasing your items to highlight their best attributes, such as color, texture, size and proportion, is crucial in promoting goods. In today’s marketplace, online sales are vital and the best way to find success is by allowing your customer to get a good, detailed look at what you are selling.

Here are some examples of product photography done right… 








Another great way to showcase your products is by using “in-use” photos. An “in-use” shot is a composite image that is created in photoshop and shows your product in action. This type of product photography takes advantage of stock photography, using models and other pre-photographed elements. Then the image of your product is added in, showing how your product can be used. This is often times much more affordable than hiring a model and setting up a scene to photograph and it provides greater flexibility for ways in which your product can be shown.

See examples of in-use photography below…






Product photography is needed by product manufacturers, web designers, marketing professionals, advertisers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and large and small businesses.

At Digital Canvas we are here to help show your product at its best. We provide many photography services including, Desktop Product Photography, Photographic Compositing, Photo Manipulation, Color Correction, Photo Editing and Photo Silhouetting. You just send your products to us, then we photograph them and upon completion arrange for return shipping. We will provide you with proofs, any image file type needed, and transfer them to you via a simple download method.

Have a product that won’t behave? Not to worry, we know many tricks-of-the-trade and will showcase your products looking their absolute best! We use the latest technology and software to provide exceptional product photography at an affordable cost.

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