Patriotic Favorites in Graphic Design


With the 4th of July holiday weekend still fresh in our minds, and the 2016 Presidential Election gearing up, we thought we’d look back at some of our favorite designs that represent the red, white, and blue. Below we’ve gathered some examples of patriotism in three forms of graphic design; Print Design, Packaging Design, and Logo Design.


Print Design

“Two Thousand Thirteen Stripes” Poster by UnderConsideration

We’ll start off with a poster that celebrates the holiday itself.

A Fourth of July-themed poster that celebrates the independence of the thirteen original colonies by replacing the “13” of the year it was produced (2013) with their representative thirteen, red-and-white stripes in the United States flag.


Packaging Design

You can’t get more American than the United States Postal Service.

The postal service packaging went through a update in the summer of 2013. The results were not groundbreaking but it was definitely an improvement over the old design. The new packaging is much more simple and sophisticated with only minor embellishments and a lot of white space.

A while after the initial release of the packing, GrandArmy (a NY-based agency) presented a comprehensive look at the work they did for USPS. Included in this scope of work is the redesign of the packaging. Their original version had a little more flair than the final work they inspired (which was produced by another vendor).



Above is the originally proposed packing design by GrandArmy

They also created a lot of signage and other print materials that are just as beautiful. You can view more of their projects here.


Logo Design

Lastly we’ll look at newer designs being used right now by the 2016 presidential hopefuls. There are so many candidates/logos that we are only showing our favorites so far.


hillary_clinton_2016-1Hillary Clinton : This is one of the most radically simple logos in presidential design. This mark will never get lost in a sea of other logos. It communicates exactly what the candidate represents.


rand_paul_election_logo-1Rand Paul: This mark uses the negative space between the “A” and “N” to create a torch (a libertarian symbol). The type is bold and simple and the symmetry in this mark is very pleasing.


BernieBernie Sanders: The past two marks are unusual for previous presidential years in they both only use the candidate’s first name. Following this trend is Bernie Sanders. It is a simple and classic looking political logo and feels more laid back than the aggressive marks above.


References: new_packaging_for_usps_priority_mail.php#.VXbqJFxVhBc

Now’s Our Time


Now’s Our Time…















I’ve enjoyed walking through this visual representation of designers and their thought processes inside the design studio. Hopefully you will too.