With the 2014 Winter Olympics starting this week and we took a look at some of the logos from past Olympic games.

Like most Olympic logos, the logo for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics was met with mixed emotions. Some love the simplicity of the logo (that even contains the web address for the games), while others believe it could have been more detailed and robust.

Guo Chunning, who designed the olympic branding for Beijing in 2008, said this about Sochi’s logo,

When I first saw the Sochi Winter Olympic logo, I was taken by surprise. There was no graphic image, as one would expect. It was very simple, just blue lettering plus the five-ring Olympic emblem. Maybe the blue color symbolized Russia and the winter season, I thought… Following the name Sochi with “dot ru” (Sochi.ru) cleverly uses the Web address to add a national identity to the logo, so that the entire world knows that it is the Sochi in Russia.





What is your all time favorite olympic logo?


2010_-olympics-logo 2002-olympics-logo 1996-olympics-logo 1988-olympics-logo 1984-olympics-logo_la 1976-olympics-logo 1956-olympics-logo 1948-olympics-logo 1936-olympics-logo-berlin 1924-olympics-logo

Sochi 2014 logo courtesy of http://www.logodesignlove.com/sochi-2014-olympic-logo

Past Olympic logos courtesy of http://stocklogos.com/topic/collection-olympic-logos
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