Eco Energy Construction Website Design

The Eco Energy Construction website design features a custom marketing message (created by Digital Canvas) and the images developed to go with it. We showcased our client’s abilities to offer clean-energy construction, products, and services to their customers. We designed the website to feature imagery and elements that offer a visual representation of what our client does. The clean design is easy to navigate and provides their customers with a clear understanding of what type of company they are and the products and services that they offer.

When you hire Digital Canvas to design and build your website, you are provided with an entire suite of services.

Every single website that Digital Canvas creates will contain the following attributes:

  • Hosting on WP Engine – the fastest, most reliable hosting platform for businesses.
  • SEO-targeted text on every single page.
  • Streamlined contact forms to increase sales and save you time.
  • Gutenberg Custom Block Editor – so you can easily be in control of and update your own content.
  • “Care and Feeding of your Website” tutorial on how to make edits – screen recorded so you can watch it again and again at your leisure.

Attract & engage your ideal customers when you clarify your marketing message and enhance it with strategic web design.