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JPMorgan Chase & Co. was planning an internal initiative to increase the security of their employee ID badges by adding biometrics to their access control system. With over 250,000 employees globally, the company needed to host events at strategic locations throughout their corporate enterprise where they could direct employees to stations for biometric enrollment.

For any event, corporate signage must match the established brand while staying consistent for a seamless navigation experience. For this event, the end users were JPMC employees needing to traverse the event lobby and hallways to find the enrollment location.

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Trade Show Event Fabric Sign for JPMorgan Chase

Custom Designing Trade Show Banners

The Digital Canvas design team began by thoroughly reviewing the JPMorgan Chase Brand Guidelines. For all clients, understanding their brand before starting a design is a must — but especially for a well-established one like JPMC. In this case, staying on brand meant working with the logos and colors provided by JPMC, carefully choosing design elements, and considering the selection of hardware to coordinate with the design.

Thoughts behind design elements:

End result:


“You impressed the world’s biggest bank today.  Great job.”

Leon Deane

President, K&A Industries
Managing the Secure Credentials for JPMC

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