Reach Thousands with a Billboard Design

Billboard designs are the most common way to advertise outdoors and can be an excellent way to promote a business or service. By following several simple guidelines that set the stage for a successful billboard design, you can easily and effectively grab attention of your target customer.

Get Attention from Thousands with a Billboard


Less is more.

We would advise staying under 7 words for the main message. Make sure your focus is on a single, clear, creative idea. Most people who pass the billboard design will be driving at 55 MPH or faster so it needs to only contain content that can be digested in seconds. Other than your short, concise main message, you could also include a logo and brief contact information such as a large phone number or easy-to-remember web address.

Readability is key.

Be sure the font you choose is legible and set at a large enough point size. The larger the font the farther away it can be read from, adding to the amount of time people have to look at your billboard design message. Don’t use a super thin font or anything ornate or fancy. Bold, high-contrast colors should be used for the text and the background. Keep text spaced out using the appropriate leading, kerning and tracking to ensure words don’t look blurred together.

Keep graphics simple.

You don’t want to overwhelm the viewer with too much going on in the image. Bright colors and high-res photography will help create a strong, easy-to-understand visual message. Do not include any graphics that are hard to understand or difficult to make out from a distance.

Target a specific audience.

You can’t reach everyone, but you CAN reach thousands with a billboard design if you establish a direct, meaningful message which is easy to recall. Have your images compliment your message. It’s true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and why not use that to your advantage with a billboard?

To recap, simplicity is vital.

Keep your message clear, your colors bright, and your photography high-res so you can take advantage of a larger than life billboard design and get your message to thousands of viewers daily.

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