Why hiring a small design firm could be the best decision you will ever make. 

When it comes to working with a design firm, often times smaller is better. Here are a few reasons why a small, family-like team is the best option for your print and web design needs.

Experiential Depth – Small firms are able to deliver a vast amount of expert level experience to any size client.

Personal View – Small firms grow by changing with the needs of clients. Often, this evolution comes by creating products and adding services that address highly personalized requests.

Leading Purpose – Small means personal. Markets are hungry for businesses that allow them to connect to something beyond the products and services. A small design firm can deliver a story that has meaning and can lead with purpose and intentionally.

Quick to Change – Small firms can bring a product, whether it be a small brochure or an entire website, to market quickly because only a few people are involved in the creation. A larger company must involve many people and processes, slowing the progress. Small firms also have the ability to easily adapt their offerings based on customer feedback.

The Feeling of Family – Employees at a small design firm embrace the feeling of being a part of a family and this creates a tremendous amount of energy during the brain-storming and design phase of each project.

Close to the Client – Being close to the client is important. A small firm can meet with a client more frequently and develop more of a personal relationship than a large company. A large company has many layers and departments and often has procedures that prevent close contact with a client.

Lean Structure – A small firm is, by nature, is very lean. With fewer employees than in a larger organization, it’s easy to keep business operating efficiently. Lean structure means that every employee can be much closer to each client, allowing for both an understanding of how your company works and increased customer satisfaction.

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