Graphic Design and Website Services

Logo Design and Brand Identity

Investing in a clean and strategically designed logo will help you connect with your customers, separate you from the competition, and position your “look” as a business that is worth the value of your services.

  • Memorable — connect with your audience
  • Unique — separate you from your competition
  • Relevant — communicate what you do
  • Professional — prove that you’re capable
  • Versatile — reusable across all media types
  • Timeless — remain effective for years

Clarify Your Marketing Message

Attracting customers, keeping them engaged, and increasing sales just got easier.

  • We help you pass the “billboard test” to get your message across CLEARLY and QUICKLY – to an audience full of “skimmers.”
  • Each marketing message contains 8 integral parts of a story – leading your customer toward making a sale.
  • We ask you 7 easy questions and turn your answers into SEO-focused copywriting gold that can be used for years to come.

WordPress Website Design & Build

Every single website that Digital Canvas creates will contain the following attributes:

  • Hosting on WP Engine – the fastest, most reliable hosting platform for businesses.
  • SEO-focused copy-written text on every single page.
  • Streamlined contact forms to increase sales and save you time.
  • Elementor Pro editor – so you can easily be in control of and update your own content.
  • “Care and Feeding of your Website” tutorial on how to make edits – screen recorded so you can watch it again and again at your leisure.

Interactive Online Catalogs

Send your product catalog as a link or easily embed it on your website. Oh, and you’ll save a tree or two, so that’s cool.

  • Clickable Table of Contents allows users to easily click to the catalog section of their choosing.
  • Notice a mistake AFTER it’s been finalized? No problem! No more need to reprint your entire catalog. We can make edits on individual pages and re-upload in minutes.
  • Sell products online? Include links within your online catalog pages that take your viewer to a specific product page on your website.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Engage your customers and offer valuable content to increase your status as “their trusted guide”.

  • Add a “lead generator” PDF on your website in exchange for email addresses of qualified leads.
  • Show that you care about what you do and offer valuable tips to engage your audience.
  • Include links from emails or posts to your website to increase site traffic, customer engagement, and potential sales.
  • Schedule emails and social media posts to launch on targeted dates/times to reach customers during peek “scrolling” hours.