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Brochure Design

Sunrise Massage Therapy Services – located in North Canton, Ohio – needed a spa-like brochure design that beautifully encapsulated the diverse range of massages and wellness products they offer. The design needed to match their brand, seamlessly integrating the soothing and elegant essence of their logo. 

In addition to a list of massages, Tina Read asked that they help differentiate which massage helped with what body ailment. Kelly decided to make an “icon map” (as seen on the far right panel of the back side) to help the viewer match their specific need to the various massages that address that need.

The brochure needed to highlight ALL types of massage services, including their most popular items of couples massage, deep tissue, hot stone, manual lymph drainage for aiding the immune system, pre-natal massage, and therapeutic massage. Additionally, the brochure needed to advertise that any massage can incorporate doTERRA essential oils, allowing for even MORE healing benefits during the massage experience.

Discover the Power of Touch

... and feel the benefits of massage: reduced stress, improved circulation, mobility, skin tone, and better overall health.

Sunrise Massage Brochure Design - back side

Process & Solution

Our Digital Canvas graphic design team went to work first by laying out all of the various massage types offered at Sunrise and clearly listed all of the benefits that can be achieved by each. We then made a visual icon set that represented each benefit one can receive after getting each specific massage from Sunrise.

The list was extensive to say the least! With the list of all massages, their benefits and pricing, along with the icon map and dōTERRA essential oils, the design team realized this brochure actually needed to have FOUR panels, not the usual three.

The end result of the brochure came out fantastic. It retains the slim footprint that a trifold brochure has, but allows for more informational content due to the additional 4th panel.

Massage Helps...

“Exactly what I needed to hand out to potential customers...”

“My new brochures are exactly what I needed to hand out to potential customers while I’m doing events. Thanks Kelly and team! They are beautiful!”

Tina Read

Owner, Sunrise Massage Therapy Services

Sunrise Massage Therapy Services​
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