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Tom Jennings of Accelerated Media Technologies, a long time graphic design client of Digital Canvas, reached out to our team with a very specific need. “I want people to be able to ‘build their vehicle’ right on our website.” He referenced other sites like the Ford Motor Company where users were literally able to walk through the available options, pick and choose the ones they like, and submit a very specific quote request with ease.

In regards to how much he was willing to spend on this dream, Tom continued with, “I realize we don’t have the marketing budget that Ford has, but I thought it was worth asking what your team could do for us.”

That is exactly the kind of inspiration that the Digital Canvas team thrives on. Tell us your wishes or a problem to solve, and we’ll brainstorm with a level of creative engineering that will knock your socks off.

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AMT designs and builds mobile communication vehicles with easy-to-use system integration that gets new-age tech on the streets.​

Process & Solution

At Digital Canvas, we prefer using the WordPress platform to build websites for many reasons — mainly its ease of use by both developers AND clients who want to be hands-on in updating content on their own site. For Tom’s request, we asked ourselves, “Is WordPress still the best solution for this level of functionality?” After a bit more collaboration and research, we landed on a resounding YES, IT IS.

Our approach needed to combine a few key elements to work in concert with one another rather than separately as they normally do. The rockstar elements of this site ended up being the combination of WooCommerce and Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons. Together, they allowed the user to select from the many types of vehicles which Accelerated Media Technologies offers, AND have each of those vehicles contain a unique list of “add-on” options which could easily be added to the quote list.

With a little CSS finessing, we added the finishing touches to the add-ons giving them the following features:

“It has preformed flawlessly, and we receive feedback from it daily...”

“It has performed flawlessly, and we receive feedback from it daily in the form of quote requests, service inquiries and general emails complimenting us on the ease of use and overall slick design.”

Tom Jennings

President, Accelerated Media Technologies, Inc.

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