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Business Card Design

Presidential IV Hydration, a premier provider of IV hydration services, wellness shots, infrared sauna, and weight loss support in Quincy, MA, needed the design of new business cards to align with the recent branding initiative led by the Digital Canvas team. Owner and Registered Nurse, Claire Walsh-Kelly, asked Kelly Green and the DC team to do what they do best — a strategically planned design to reflect the spa-like nature of her new business.

The new business cards needed to convey the value and health-focused nature of Presidential IV Hydration’s services. This alignment is crucial for reinforcing brand recognition, enhancing client trust, and establishing a cohesive brand presence across all touchpoints.

Be well, be comfy.

At IV Hydration, we aim to help you reach your wellness goals in a comfortable setting. Whether your journey leads you to beneficial IV and injection therapy, weight loss aids, infrared sauna therapy, or more — we will do our very best to help you be well.

Business card design for IV Hydration

Process & Solution

After assisting Claire with the design of her new business logo—selecting a calming and clean-feeling color scheme and fonts—the creation of the business cards came together smoothly for the Digital Canvas creative team.
Rounded corners were essential in the printing specs of the business cards — to carry through the soothing nature that customers experience when visiting the Presidential IV Hydration salon in Quincy, MA. To separate the logo area from the contact information, a white vertical swoosh design was incorporated. This design element continues the feeling of smooth, relaxing movement, mimicking the “flow” of various wellness offerings that Claire administers to her patients each day.
Wellness Offerings from Presidential IV Hydration:

“Now, I look so professional!”

“The designs created by Digital Canvas are nothing short of phenominal! I came to them from a referral through my sister – they did all of her branding, business cards, and website. Now, I look so professional!”

Claire Walsh-Kelly, R.N.

Owner, Presidential IV Hydration

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