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When the team at Narrow Path Investigations began to expand, moving into a larger office space as well as opening a second location, they knew that they also needed to invest in updating the way that they reach their clients. Their website, while functional and adequate, wasn’t drawing nearly as much traffic as they would have liked. Added to that, it really didn’t showcase who they are and what they do in a way that would attract new clients. In short, their website failed to highlight their business’s core marketing message.

With this in mind, Digital Canvas created a dynamic new website for NPI to highlight their unique approaches to investigations in a user-friendly design. The goal was to showcase their high level of investigative services in a style that elevates their brand with efficient SEO text and a sleek new design. Within the first two weeks post launch, Narrow Path Investigations saw a 426% increase in web traffic!

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We are Truth Seekers

Narrow Path Investigations employs a team of highly trained, licensed, and experienced investigators who quickly, competently, and ethically finds the facts for attorneys, corporations, and individuals looking for answers.

Process & Solution

Narrow Path Investigations wanted an updated website design and core brand message to bring that “wow” factor and professional presentation. Their old site used a GoDaddy website builder, and while functional, the look and content felt outdated. It didn’t provide the customization that would allow NPI to promote their unique approach to investigations and expand their client base.

Our team at Digital Canvas began the core marketing message text and website design for Narrow Path Investigations with the goal to clearly identify NPI as trusted leaders in the investigative industry. The result is a dynamic design with engaging content that highlights the expertise of the team at NPI and establishes them as the clear choice for a broad range investigative services.

At Digital Canvas, we want to tell your story with SEO focused-text and images that capture the heart of what you do. Our Marketing Messages incorporate text that utilizes keyword phrases and commonly-searched synonym terms with strategic web design to create a storyline that lets your clients know who you are and what you offer. We will define your brand voice in an easy-to-follow, user-friendly format to engage potential clients and encourage them to contact you.

“Worth every penny!”

The website is sooooo amazing! Worth every penny! Thank you, it’s way better than I could have imagined!

Joan Bauer

CEO, Narrow Path Investigations

Monitor the Results

The Search Engine Optimized text and design Digital Canvas created for Narrow Path Investigations brought instant results both in appreciation for the sharp new look as well as an increased digital footprint.


increase in web traffic within 2 weeks post-launch


Month from start to final marketing message text & design


Investigative Services clearly showcased in a new website design

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