Neon Lanyard Product Photography

Neon Lanyard Product Photography

Neon Lanyard Product Photography This photography project featured neon lanyards shot for Brady People ID. We photographed the individual lanyards, an array of lanyards together and close-ups of the various parts. We then silhouetted out the background and supplied the client with various image types for use on the web and in print.

Safety Glasses Product Photography

Product Photography Sunglasses

Safety Glasses Product Photography We photographed these safety glasses for our client Promovision Products. We then photoshopped the glasses to feature custom imprints to show how these products can be customized, silhouetted out the background of the images, and supplied them to our client for use online and in print marketing.

Badge Reels Product Photography

Product Photography Badge Reels

Badge Reels – Product Photography We photographed various badge reels and their parts for our client Promovision Products. These images were used throughout catalogs, websites and other marketing materials. In all our product photography, we let the product do the talking, highlighting attributes such as color, texture, and size so the customer can get a […]

Multi-Colored Lanyard Product Photography

Multi-Colored Lanyard Product Photography This fun custom lanyard product photography project featured a wide range of colorful lanyards. We displayed the lanyards in a bright round array for this image. This photography has been reused several times in marketing items for Promovision Products, featured on their catalog cover, promo box, and more.

Military Lanyards Product Photography

Military Themed Lanyards - Product Photography

Military Lanyards Product Photography These military lanyards were photographed for our client K&A Industries, Inc. This project was a fun challenge because it combined both photography and intricate Photoshopping. The lanyards showcase K&A’s ability to print on many custom ID products for the military.

Samsung Security Product Photography

Samsung Product Photography - Everything

Samsung Security Product Photography We photographed a variety of products for Samsung Security. We then Photoshop the photos where needed to color correct, add shadows and silhouette out the backgrounds. We always supply product photography to our clients in a variety of file formats and sizes so they have everything needed to take their products […]